Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Silent Love

voice is simply breath colored by sound;
so I love you means nothing
unless said with the eyes
unless said with the touch

both of which you've spoken to me.
and though words mean nothing aloud
you've got yours spinning

'round my head,
tangled through my chest

voicing the rhythm of my heart

wrapped around my legs
tying me to the ground
built around you. 


  1. I love this poem. It brings a different kind of life to the human experience.

  2. Thank you :) I tried to voice the the difference between love and infatuation

  3. You did a bang up job. Most people don't realize the difference, let alone describe it in a beautiful way. I had this wonderful image of person (a woman) just planted down by actual love.

  4. Well thank you lol I appreciate the compliment, and I'm glad you were able to relate/picture the image I was trying to capture.