Monday, April 25, 2011

Secrets of Rain


  1. I like your pictures...I want to know the secrets. The best I can do is make a guess...You're gonna get wet?

    I like your titles for them though. It makes the pictures more poetic in having a nice title. Wish I could do that...with me it's more like OHHHH PRETTY!

  2. haha good guess! I feel like rain can bring about so many different emotions, so that's kinda where the title came from; each drop having a 'secret' or different reason to why it's falling.

    as a writer I always seem to bring poetry to everything I do lol. but hey, your photography is awesome. I like the perspective you have when taking your pictures. very creative:)

  3. I really have never thought of it that way. That's quite a cool way to look at it. I'm always freakishly happy with rain...dunno why. I think it's sad when it's just cloudy.

    You don't have to tell me...I'm always thinking about what is going on around me, sometimes I can't get my mind to take a rest. I'm easily one of the dorkiest people I know (and I enjoy every moment).

    Thank you for the kind words about my photos. That really was the first time I ever attempted anything like that. You've inspired me to continue...and to come up with a few cool titles. (let me go see).

  4. well hey, that makes two of us. I'm constantly in poetic thought, pretty sure that makes me a nerd. We're just extremely curious I guess :)

    and I'm flattered by your inspiration lol I'd like to see more of your work, keep posting photos!

  5. You are asking for trouble there...I'm going to start taking pictures of cracks in the sidewalk now and posting them : P

  6. I gave them titles btw...hahaha.

    And there is absolutely everything awesome with being nerdy! nerd-like? nerdalicious, nerdatron! Sorry...nerdy just sounds weird to me.

  7. lol go ahead, be creative with it; photography can capture hidden beauty in the most simplistic scene.

    I vote for nerdalicious:)