Friday, April 15, 2011

Newest Draft of 'The Garden'

Here is my newest draft, and shortened version of 'The Garden'

Your breath sweats against my cheek now,
like an attempt to apologize
but not actually caring enough to voice
the letters to the air.

I close my eyes to escape you.
the delicate blues that sculpt my spirit
now drown to a salty abyss.

Is this my punishment? God must have named me Eve
as I buried myself deep within the shadow of the forbidden tree--
it's just that you tasted so sweet for a little while
so I allowed myself to drink the lust from your skin,
and I carved my name so deep into your back
as if I'd then have some kind of possession over all your feelings.

But I'm sorry God,
I guess I got lust confused with another four letter word
that seemed to roll beautifully off his lips to mine
that first time he kissed me
like a lingering secret that could only be revealed
if I followed him beneath his sheets.

But now you've left me here, alone
in this unknown garden.
my thoughts grow through vines
across my most outer layer of skin,
the only thing that could clothe me
yet still leaving me completely exposed.

I bite my lip so hard to bleed a glue
contracting the surfacing words of sadness
filling my tongue,
leaving little room for breath itself.

My petite fingers that once kissed you so delicately
now run to the form of angry fists,
an action of self defense in case your
body language decides to hit me harder with
the carelessness in your lifeless hands.

I notice a pulsating pain coming from my left palm;
I look to find the blood soaking remains of my heart
still beating
but slowly.

You drank me dry, every last drop of my love
and returned my heart only once your thirst was quenched;
too tired to place it back among my chest
from all the games you like to play?

You left my heart in one hand
and my eternal soul in the other.
Leaving nothing but my fingertips
to shelter them from the sting

of the outside world.

I'll never forget the day you traded me in
for more expensive drugs, and cheaper women.
It was the same day I traded my eternal life
in for you.

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