Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Nightly Theif

She returns to morning
leaving his eyes once again full
but pocket broke.

And it’s all over so fast—
but just until the next blanket of night
comes to suffocate all reality.

Sending fingers dialing
to bodies swimming
in a pool of new lust.

The two held too tight to their convictions
fighting the realization their souls
are now locked.

Pretending it’s still nothing
but a nightly feed.
It’s far too complicated
for them to just, be.


  1. Very well written... sad and deep. I like it :) Here's my writing blog, if you care to check it out:
    I would also suggest if you're serious about getting your writing out there. Lots of people who are willing to read and critique :)
    Write on!

  2. thank you! I will check out both your page and site :) ever heard of Teen Ink? their website is pretty good also, I've posted my work there a few times and everyone is very willing to comment and critique.

    Also, here's my new web page:

    check it out if you'd like; so much of my new work is on the way, along with a new comment section.

  3. How could we ever just "be", right? ..."held too tight to their convictions" I liked this. By the way, thank you for following my blog. :)